If you have ever planned on redesigning your bathroom this 2020 and make it as new and trendy as possible, you will need some ideas that expose you to the hottest and trendiest interior designs in this year. The Des Moines bathroom contractors as well as other professional contractors in the industry know that 2019 is long gone, and now the year needs to be something different. Your trusted and skilled contractor will be able to provide you the changes you need in your bathroom. So, in this article, we will give you some of the hottest trends on bathrooms you may want to try:

1.Make a statement through the black paint

Last year, gray was the most common and popular color that had been suited to different styles, textures, and designs for the bathroom. However, this year will be going to be bolder and darker. More and more people are getting attracted to the tones and black offers, trying out something that was considered risky and uncomfortable in the past.

The black trend is popular in vanities, light fixtures, mirrors, and other fixtures as well as matte finishes in bathroom walls.

Similar to the other neutral colors like white and gray, black is something that highlights certain architectural details that may otherwise be neglected when black is not used.

2.High technology for bathrooms

The modern times of 2020 will never be complete without putting some technological advancements and upgrades for bathrooms. In the previous years, there already had been a growing technology for toilets in japan that created some noise in both fields of architecture and technology. These toilets have some seat warmers, adjustable air dryers, automatic lid openers, and built-in deodorizers that really created some impressions last year. Now, in this year, prepare yourself to see some tech upgrades in your bathrooms like mini-fridges, automatic sinks, smart showers, and more. This means that you do not need to wait for a few minutes for a hot shower as this will already be prepared with ist a click even when you are kilometers away. There is also voice-activated technology for adjusting temperatures and lighting or some smart mirrors that communicate with you. In addition, bathrooms can now be installed with some smart T.V. all of these upgrades and technology will make bathroom experience better and more convenient.

3.A vintage comeback with a touch of brass and gold

Some shades of brass and gold are taking over toilets, sinks, and anything in the bathroom with a twist of vintage style touch. The gold fixtures with old styles have made a comeback and they are making good impressions form interiors designers.

While black can make a bold statement by lighting some architectural details, some people opt for warmer accents by using gold/brass colors that contrasts to the traditional polished and shiny chromatic hues and textures.

4.Less residential style

Industrial vanity and style have a major kick in. This is characterized by wooden accents, metal finish, as well as funky tile patterns. It fits that classy and edgy style that you need if you want to have a modern and classic look for your bathroom.